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Kiss me once

Pynchon ate my brain, aeronautics gave me an excuse to write Physics. Because Dex rhymes with sex and Joe rhymes with ho and Nomenclature has never heard of coincidence.

Title: Soft Tongue, Sharp Teeth
Words: 7,862
Summary: Because Joe pushes that plane to hell and back, and had to come crashing down some time.
Rating: There is sex. But, not really. I'd really be more wary of the science. PG-13, perhaps?

Bootsole. Pavement. Footsteps. Sirens over 111th Street. Storm air rifled through the torn and slurried pages of Action Comics #2 and the rumpled protagonist was squashed face first into the road. Faint barks. Distant propellers. The sun, in blistered and decaying fury, ripped ionised streaks across a tarmac sky.

( It’d been nearly four hours, now. )
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