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fic: Freedom

Inspired by electroscope's post reviving my love of this pairing, and enabled by a really long plane trip today stuck in a seat with my laptop and not able to do anything else but write. ;D

Title: Freedom
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. ;-) This story was written for free entertainment purposes only and may not be reproduced for profit.

Summary: Dex reflects on freedom

Notes: This is an alphabet game story where each sentence must begin with the next letter of the alphabet, in order. For me, it's a way of getting back into writing without embarking on more unfinished epic stories. ;p If the characters here seem a bit off, and you're going "Huh, where was *that* in the movie?"... {cough} well, I was basing it off the background I gave the guys in my unfinished epic. ^^;;; So, um, sorry if some parts are confusing. If I finish the epic, I'll post it too. ^^


Airplanes were one of Dex's specialties, an intriguing combination between the fantasy of freedom in flight and the practicality of mechanical design and physics.

But before Joe had come into his life, Dex hadn't given them much thought—they were just another facet of all things mechanical that he learned and designed. Continued exposure to not only Joe, but also Joe's dreams, had changed Dex's view until he'd come to love airplanes too and what they represented. Dreams of freedom and joy, independence, and a life for them together. Even as they dreamed, they struggled, until finally Joe's dreams had become reality for them both. Freedom was theirs… and it had been possible through the airplanes Joe loved. Granting them both what they wanted, while keeping them together.

Having all this… was more than Dex had ever thought possible. It was Joe who had rescued him, pulled him out, and then kept pushing – dreaming for both of them, when Dex hadn't dared. Joe always reached beyond the merely practical, pushing his airplanes to their limits, and showing Dex how to move beyond his. Keeping promises that logic would have said were impossible, while fiercely believing in all things good and right, Joe was a true hero.

Loyalty to his Captain kept Dex on a honest path, even if it wasn't as straight and narrow as Joe might have liked. Morality was something that Dex had only a passing acquaintance with, while it was most of Joe's life. Nearly everything Dex did now, was for Joe, including being good. Or as much as Dex could stand to be. Practicality was something still ingrained deeply into Dex, physics, designs… and the shades of grey in the world. Quite the change from his earlier life, but Dex liked it this way, Joe's way, better.

Riding the currents of freedom, Dex followed Joe even as Joe followed the wind. Storms might cross their paths, and hazards untold, yet the sheer splendor of being *able* to be free made all the problems almost two-dimensional in their simplicity. The Sky Captain blazed brilliant and beautiful, a beacon that the lesser mortals could follow, including Dex. Uncomfortable as it sometimes made him, Dex knew he wasn't unique in his regard for Joe. Virtually everybody that Joe came in contact with loved him, and admired him, and threw themselves after him in their eagerness to be near such a shining light. What *was* unique, was that Joe seemed to love him back, more than his usual run of loving the masses. Xanadu – so unreal and so real at the same time – it was Dex's life, to be so confounded. Years of living with Joe had taught him to live by the dreams, to reach out beyond the freedom… and to be himself, as Joe would let him be. Zest for life, the living of that life, and the happiness that designing and building his dreams and Joe's dreams could bring them – that was the freedom of the airplane for them.

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