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FOTC - summary of posts

Fog on The Clyde, the novel-length fic commencing about six months after Totenkofp's defeat, is now finished.

It is Joe/Dex, mostly PG but with one or two NC-17 interludes (indicated where they appear).

Parts 1-3 here.

No money is being made out of it, and no copyright infringement intended. The characters of Joe, Dex, Franky and Polly belong to Paramount Pictures. The characters of Lord Peter Wimsey, Inspector Charles Parker and Gerald, Viscount St George belong to the estate of Dorothy L.Sayers. All borrowed fictional characters have been treated with great care and returned to their rightful owners in tip-top condition.

Sir Oswald Mosley, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Charles Lindbergh, and Hermann Goering all existed, but they're now dead, and, particularly in the case of Mosley and Goering, I don't believe I've said anything about them that they didn't thoroughly deserve.

What starts as a purely personal disaster for Dex, as a long-buried secret is unearthed by an enemy, spirals wider and wider until it threatens to engulf the whole world.

The crisis at hand, Joe looks for allies among the very few people he can trust
On the eve of battle Joe and Dex find they don't know as much about each other as they thought they did (R)
Meanwhile, back in Canada...
Franky, too, finds that the pervasive treachery of the times has not left the Albion untouched
Unbeknownest to Joe, Charlie is making his own preparations for battle
And at Balmoral, King Geogre VI realises he has more to worry about than whether the grouse is 'off'
Dex reveals his plan - and gains an unexpected recruit
Polly takes some friends from out of town to a speakeasy - and bumps (not quite accidentally) into some old acquaintances
One of the RAF's most reluctant officer is called upon to do his bit
For the first time the attackers realise they are not unopposed
Fighting on the streets of Glasgow - and Helen, charged with the defence of Shuttleworths and its priceless industrial secrets, finds allies in unexpected places
Battle in the air - and has Joe made a fatal miscalculation?
The boarding party swings into action
Dex and his assistant find a formidable foe at the controls of the weapon
Belatedly, Franky brings the Albion into the fray - and makes an important tactical strike
Aftermath at Balmoral .

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